write a 4 5 page double spaced paper with 1 inch margins in response to functionalists arguments and conflict theory 1

This assignment requires reading books and some lecture notes:

Discuss the Functionalists’ arguments for: 1) explaining why there is economic

inequality in society, and 2) the function of education in society.

Then, critique the Functionalists’ arguments using Conflict Theory. Include: 1) the

ways in which Conflict Theorists’ explanations for economic inequality differ from the

Functionalists, and 2) the ways in which the Conflict Theorists’ arguments about the

role of education in society differ from the Functionalists.

  • You must use the Wilcox article and Lareau book(ch1-ch12) as two sources for examples. Be specific in your discussion of the research by Wilcox and Lareau, which means both summarizing their work and using direct quotes. For all direct quotes, you must explain the meaning in your own words (do not assume we know how you’re using the quotes). Proper citation rules apply for direct quotes – for example, in parentheses (author’s last name, year published, page number).
  • You must also use examples from two additional sources. You can draw from examples given in lecture, your investigative assignment, videos shown in class, other class readings, and your own personal experiences.