write a 750 word response to the film downfall by answering the questions

TITLE: “ DOWNFALL” LINK: https://entertainment.time.com/2012/09/05/the-15-b… slide/downfall/

1. Watch a political movie (new or old) or read a political book that relates to local or state government. If you have a movie/book in mind, please run it by me before watching/reading it.

2. Write at least 750-word response on the film/book answering the following question

· Short synopsis of the film/book

· How does the film/book relate to the material discussed in PS 120.

· Is the film/book realistic/factual?

· Does the film/book portray any event(s) that have occurred in the political arena?

· Did the film/book hold your attention? How could it be improved?

· What genre did the film/book fall under?

· Overall thoughts on the film/book