write a cover letter applying to a job

Write a cover letter applying to a civil engineering job for a specific company

The following links provide some good resources for writing cover letters


Part I. Your first task is to select which of the three types of documents you will compose. For the résumé and cover letter, identify an actual job to apply for.

Part II. Identify your audience characteristics as relevant to your rhetorical situation {age, gender, background, education, occupation, political affiliation, beliefs/values, subject area knowledge, and discourse community}.

Part III. List and discuss the rhetorical strategies you will use to engage your targeted audience {document structure, document format, diction, sentence structure, organization, development types, appeals (ethos, logos, pathos), purpose strategy, avoiding or analyzing fallacies}.

Note: Parts I-III will constitute the reflection that you will do on the first page of your final project; see Submission Instructions on the last page of this prompt.

Part IV. Compose two documents effectively framed to appeal to your target audience and to achieve your purpose. Your final documents should demonstrate good audience analysis, framing skills, and effective use of rhetorical strategies. Prompt: Craft documents corresponding to one of the three tasks you chose (job/career, grad school, advocacy letters). On page one of your final project, write a reflection/plan covering Parts I through III above. The next pages will be your actual documents.

Criteria for Evaluation: Successful projects earning a “C” or above will accomplish the following tasks: 1. Reflect thoughtful rhetorical strategies for your targeted audiences. 2. Reflect depth and breadth of preparation, such as what you did in Project 3. 3. Produce a realistic text that will lead toward accomplishment of your goal. 4. Use appropriate language, structure, and grammar for your writing situation. 5. Effectively frame each document to appeal to your target audience.

Please make sure to follow all the instructions and take a look at the link provided as well. will provide a good tip and review