write a essay about 600 words

Project: For this first paper you will reflect on how language influences your life.

Because the question of language is a general one, you will need to develop a focus for this reflection. After thinking broadly about your experiences with language, narrow your focus down to an experience in which you were challenged to use language in a new way, or in which you were surprised or moved by a message you either received or produced yourself. While you may reflect generally on language, you must include yourself in the assignment. This assignment is about you and language.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • In what ways do you use language in your personal relationships, in your life as a student or employee, or in other activities?
  • How do you use language differently in particular situations, and why?
  • How does others’ use of language affect you and the way you interact with the world?
  • How does language shape the way you understand yourself and others?
  • Do you receive language differently as a reader, listener, or viewer?
  • What challenges and successes have you had in trying to get your messages across using language?

Purpose and Audience: The main purpose in this Inquiry is to encourage you to think deeply about your position as a “user” and/or “receiver” of language. You should also inspire your audience to think deeply about the diverse ways we encounter, use, and understand language in our lives.


Length: A minimum of two double-spaced pages (575 – 600 words), using Times New Roman 12-point font and standard margins. You should be at least one line onto the third page to ensure that you have two full pages. Do not enlarge the font or shrink the margins in order to make your paper appear longer than it is. If you do so, I will ask for an electronic copy of your paper and reformat it before I grade it. I deduct points for not meeting length requirements.

Title: Your paper must have a title, one that suggests its content and invites the reader to read on. The title should be centered and in plain font, not bolded, underline, italicized or enlarged.