write a essay about othello

Compose a formal essay one of the prompts or research questions listed below.

1. Examine the role of jealousy, love, and/or betrayal in the play. You may want to choose only one character and only one issue.

2.Examine the character and motivation of Iago. Why does he hate Othello so much?

3.Explore the character of Desdemona. What does she represent in the play?

4.Examine the female characters in the play. Do these characters provide an accurate representation of women in general? You may want to choose only one female character.

5.Consider the role of the handkerchief. How can such a small piece of cloth cause so much trouble? Is it realistic that this small cloth can cause so much destruction?

6.Examine the relationship between Emilia and Iago and/or Desdemona and Othello. Compare and Contrast the couple’s views on love, hate, and marriage.

7.Compare and contrast the issue of loyalty in the play. You may want to focus on one character’s interpretation or misinterpretation of loyalty.

8.Consider the warning from Desdemona’s father, Brabantino, to Othello in Act one. Does this warning foreshadow the events to come? Prove your claims.

9.Examine the role of the setting and/or geography in Othello.

10.Explore the issue of racism toward Othello. You may want to choose one character’s racial discrimination toward Othello.

11.It has been argued that Othello is accessible to modern readers today because of certain issues, such as racism/prejudice, love, betrayal, and jealousy. Pick one issue and argue why it is accessible for modern readers.

12. The main characters of this play are in fact Iago and Othello. However, it has been argued that Iago serves as the protagonist of the play instead of Othello. Choose either Iago or Othello as the protagonist and argue your reasoning.

13.Emilia’s role is extremely significant for the resolution of the plot. How does Emilia’s character change from stealing the handkerchief, a dishonest deed, to telling the truth about her own husband’s deceit while also implicating her as well?

14. Roderigo is seen as the gullible, wealthy character of the play. Does Roderigo’s character change throughout the play as he becomes aware of Iago’s deceit?

15. Michael Cassio is a character who knows the importance of reputation. How does his role in Othello support his claims that reputation is everything to him?