write a two page single spaced in memo standard format about an specific job listing chosen

Begin this discussion by reviewing the assignment instructions for Project #3. Attach the job posting you have chosen for Project #3 to your response to this discussion.

This is the job listing:


Helpful source on how to write one:


Next conduct research on the industry in which your job posting falls. This research should be found from the SDSU Library as well as sources online related to your chosen industry. To find industry information in the library, focus on databases including BusinessSource Premier, IBIS World, and Mergent Online. Look for other business related databases as well that can help you in your search.

As you research focus on any information that might help you to better tailor your resume and cover letter to the job you are seeking. You can also look for information that might be helpful in a job interview. More specifically, your memo needs to contain information on:

  • The size, location, and customers of the organization you are targeting in Project #3
  • A brief history of the company (you can usually find this on their website)
  • Basic information on the occupation—accountant, manger, lab tech, etc. (look for this in the Occupational Outlook Handbook)
  • Industry information (IBIS World in the SDSU Library)
    • Typical industry products and services
    • A brief overview of industry performance
    • A brief overview of the industry outlook

Other Guidelines:

  • Your assignment should be in standard memo format
  • Single spaced, no indentations in paragraphs—just a space in between paragraphs
  • 2 pages
  • Business writing style—direct, concise, clear
  • Use APA or MLA to cite your sources