write a very specific outline 2 full pages that clearly indicates the research topic which includes the existence of the parallel universe and connection with fashion

Write a very specific outline that clearly indicates the topics and ideas that will be covered in the research paper


Different versions of myself may exist in a multiverse

Thesis Statement:

While this paper attempts to investigate on the existence of the multiverses and question if there are other versions of myself living in the parallel universe, especially in terms of exploring the reality and identity, it also demonstrates how fashion can be used as an expression to define the existence of oneself.

On a basic level, the outline should include the following:

1. Thesis Statement


i. A personal reflection of how/why you considered your research topic and what it means to you–what do you set out to do?What is your thesis/main argument?

ii. Literature review that covers the research, writing and general knowledge that has already been established about your topic; this should include historical and theoretical sources and suggest how your research can contribute to the field of design

iii. An explanation of your methodology–what research methods you used(i.e. interviews, object/visual analysis, archival visits) 3.“Chapters” or sections of content with titles