write about memphis police force

Follow the rubric to the latter. You will be using scenario A pertaining to the police force and the city chosen is Memphis, Tennessee. Paper should be in APA Format. You will detail how to use programs that already in place to maximize police productivity, while being mindful of the city’s budget. This why I said use the current programs and tweak them a little bit. To give you a start, Lawmakers in Memphis and Shelby County launches the Safe Community Plan in 2017 as a crime reduction plan directed towards 16 key strategies in reducing violent crime. One big problem occurring in Memphis is the lack of community policing relations, especially within the African American community where majority of crime occurs. Memphis population is mostly poor to middle class African Americans. There is animosity and mistrust between the two so policing efforts have been unsuccessful. I have provided you below with the rubric, the scenario, and also source you can used to get started. However, you will need to find additional sources.