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As Prothero explains: “At the heart of [his] project is a simple, four-part approach to the religions, which I have been using for years in the classroom and at lectures around the world. Each religion articulates:

  • a problem;
  • a solution to this problem, which also serves as the religious goal;
  • a technique (or techniques) for moving from this problem to this
  • solution; and
  • an exemplar (or exemplars) who chart this path from problem to solution.” (pg. 17-18)

He then includes two examples (see Prothero, “Introduction”) of this “four-part approach”.

Using Prothero’s model described in the introduction (see below):

  1. choose 2 religions that we have studied thus far;
  2. and use the “four-part approach” for each of the two.
  3. Does Prothero identify a core “problem” that the religion is addressing? Do you agree that this is the central problem? why or why not? Support you answer with quotes from the text.
  4. Explain what challenges you had in completing this exercise.
  5. Also, comment on the ways the exercise: (1) can limit one’s understanding of the tradition you chose, and (2) can be useful for understanding the tradition you chose.

Your written response should be in a maximum of 2 pages (500-700 words). You must include reference to the readings in your writing.