writing assignment 632

For this writing assignment you are asked to compose a written work that analyze ONE of the following two articles to core course concepts.


  1. Ebola virus infection by Marinez et al., 2015
  2. Safe drinking water by Rozario-Ortiz et.al., 2016

In your essay, make sure you address the following:

  1. How does the article relate to our concept of and infectious disease and public health?
  2. How does the paper explain the role of microorganisms in our lives?
  3. What subjects / modules in our course is the paper more related to?

Also, make sure you include the following information in your paper:

  1. the title of your paper
  2. your name:
  3. complete title of the original paper you are reviewing
  4. authors name and affiliation
  5. a summary of about 1000 words including the main points of the paper, problems or solutions suggested, and in the last paragraph your thoughts about the paper, and lastly, include a reference list of whatever resources you have used including the paper itself. See the link for properly citationpractice
  6. follow the attached rubric when you prepare your paper
  7. save as pdf and upload here to the assignment.

NOTE: your paper will be checked for plagiarism. If more than 25% similarity of the content is found, I will not grade it. So, make sure you do not copy past. Write all in your own words.

Please review the Writing Assignment Rubric attached for more information regarding content and structure expectations.

This reading assignment is worth up to 50 points and must be submitted before 11:59PM Central Time on Sunday at the end of Week (Module) 11.