writing task mla 1


Step 1 Read

Read Practical Argument pgs 329 – 349 on the MLA process

Practical Argument pgs 329 – 349 attached here in this link:


Step 2 View the following Videos

Step 3 Read the following handouts

MLAFormat Paggard.pdf

MLA Essay Example(1) (1).docx

Step 4 Complete the following activity

1. Go through the following paper in detail, and note at least 8 things that are not perfectly in MLA style, i.e including citations, formatting, cover page, pagination, and Works Cited page.

MLA Assignment Student Errors.docx

2. Then in a Word doc, make a a list of the error and the correction.

3. Submit that document for credit.

Step 5 Save and submit your assignment.