written report about imaging with x rays


REQUIRED sections in the Written Report (Label each section in your report accordingly!):

1. Introduction – one paragraph on the project

2. Electromagnetic Concept/Theorem/Law – State the concept in one line.

3. Application of Electromagnetics? – State how this application uses Electromagnetics concepts you learnt in class in one to two paragraphs. You MUST include the relevant equation. Your description must be in appropriate scientific language appropriate.

4. One Figure to support your text

5. References (proper credit must be given to information sources).

REQUIRED Format Specifications for the Written Report:

5-point deduction for each format requirement that is not met.

Reports must be typed (word processor) using 12 point Times New Roman font.

A title and your name must appear at the top of the first page.

Use double spacing and 1” margins on all sides.

1 page maximum for text

1 page maximum for figures and references.

All illustrations/figures should be located at the end of the report and have appropriate captions or titles, and each must be referenced within the body of the report. You can cut/paste figures if needed.

References to a book, article, news story etc. must be indicated by a number in brackets within the body of the report, and the full reference given at the end of the report (see example on following page). You must use (not just list) at least two references.

You must provide the source of any figures you acquire, e.g., from the internet. You should put the reference number in brackets at the end of the figure caption, and include the full citation in the references section at the end of the report.

Each paragraph needs to begin with a clear topic sentence. The paragraph should build upon this one idea (or group of related ideas) and not deviate.

A sample report is provided below.

Finding Reference Material:

Go to the library and ask a librarian for assistance finding introductory/basic information on a general subject area, then perform a literature search.

Use encyclopedias (e.g. Wikipedia) as a starting place.

Search the internet (make sure to give proper credit to any sources that you use).

Report samples are provided below but their topics are different, my topic is about Imaging with X-Rays.