WRTG 495 Advanced Writing – Project Descriptions

WRTG 495 Advanced Writing – Project Descriptions

Detailed instructions on the assessment of each assignment are found in its grading rubric. Use that as your guide when actually completing and submitting the assignment.

Assignment 1: Short Persuasive Writing Memo DUE tomorrow, Friday, January 17, 2014

Recommendations for improvements are a common business document and demand careful organization to present a persuasive, thoughtful recommendation that has a good chance of being implemented. You will prepare a memo to your audience making a recommendation for a small and specific but worthwhile improvement. In your memo, provide your supervisor with justification for your making the improvement, including a summary of the benefits the audience will receive. Make sure to include enough technical details so that the audience can understand both the problem and the solution. Aim small for a one-page memo. Make one recommendation for one change in a real scenario in your life: your local Y; grocery store; school; workplace; 4-H club; faith-based organization; restaurant; etc.

Tip: We will practice writing and polishing the most commonly used forms in the workplace, e.g., the memo, the letter, the proposal, voice mails, emails. Assignment 1 asks for a memo. Do not submit a letter. You will complete a letter in Assignment 3.

Note: Civilian-style memos differ from military-style memos. If you have been writing in the military for years, you need to double check Bovée for the correct forms for civilian workplace writing. This holds for most assignments in this course: civilian-style genres have differing format requirements from military-style ones.

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