you can choose any business related topic and write a 3 5 page paper for extra credit

You can choose any business-related topic and write a 3-5 page paper for extra credit.

Please use a title page that includes your name, the title of your paper, course name, and the date (this does not count towards one of your 3-5 pages)

You do not need to include any of the above information on the title page

You must use 3 articles from the library’s databases (I’ll post more information on how to use the library’s databases if you’re not sure how to use them). You can use additional sources, but 3 must come from the library’s databases.

You must cite your sources (again, this does not count towards your 3-5 pages). Use in-text citation as well as a References page

You can use any citation style

Double space, Size 12 font, use Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri, normal margins

Must be a word or pdf document (I cannot open documents from Macs)

This is due by Monday, April 20

Submit via Canvas