Young Goodman Brown

Young Goodman Brown Paper instructions: Hawthorne has a style of writing that can be difficult for some students, and his stories often contain numerous references to the history, scenery, important figures, and prominent ideals of a specific area. After reading the story, select two passages that interest or inspire you. Write an essay of 250 words (one page, double-spaced) in response to Hawthorne’s story, œYoung Goodman Brown. Important: Your paper must have a well developed introduction, body, and conclusion. Select one or two significant quotes from the story, and offer your thoughts and insights about them. Attempt to personalize the quotes by relating them to your own life and experience. Include brief comments in your essay about Hawthorne’s style of writing, tone, or imagery. There is no œright or œwrong answer for this assignment, but offer examples from the reading to support your ideas. Please format the essay correctly by doing the following: Make sure that your essay is double-spaced. Use only a standard 12 pt. font, such as œTimes or œTimes New Roman (no italics, bold, or fancy fonts). Indent paragraphs five spaces and have one-inch margins on all sides. Your essay should conform to the APA style for formatting and citations, but for this assignment, you should only have one citation, which is the main anthology since no outside sources should be used. Use only your own ideas about the readings. Authentic, personal, and insightful responses earn more points, while essays that use material from outside sources may receive a reduction in points. as long as they are in all of your own words with no outside ideas other than your own and using the text œYoung Goodman Brown for Week 2

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