your assignment is to completely divide the european continent into at least 3 but no more than 5 sub regions

All the instructions are provided in the 2 attachments shown below.

Here is the Summary of it:

Defining Sub-Regions of the European States: Your assignment is to completely divide the European continent into at least 3, but no more than 5, sub-regions. You must make decisions on how to define sub-regions based on the same physical and human geographic factors that we discuss for world regions in class. Be prepared to defend your decisions. No area of the European Union should be outside your regions.

You need to define regions based on AT LEAST TWO FACTORS. There must be AT LEAST ONE HUMAN FACTOR and AT LEAST ONE PHYSICAL FACTOR. Turn in the following: 1) A map of the European Union CLEARLY showing the regions you have defined based on physical and human geographic factors. You can print outline maps numerous places online. You may use the Geographic Information Systems software and data, if you would like. You must include the essential map elements on your map.

2) A short text description of your map and the reasons for dividing the sub-regions in the way that you did. You should have an introductory paragraph that describes the goals of the assignment and the methods you used to reach those goals. You should have one paragraph for each of the 3 or more regions that you defined, in which you describe the specific characteristics of that region, and in which you assert your rationale for defining that region as a single unit. Finally, you should have a concluding paragraph that summarizes and justifies the decisions that you made. You should include citations for sources at the end of your document.